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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Banana Boats

Submitted by: Hannah

On Monday nights in our house we have family night and we always make some sort of treat. I found this recipe in a church cookbook and since it only has 3 ingredients I thought it was a perfect dessert for my son to help with. I picked this because I thought he would love it, and he did, but I loved it too. It is simple and delicous and it takes under 10 minutes to make. Now, that is my kind of treat!


bananas (they don't have to be to ripe but not green)

mini marshmallows

chocolate chips

Leaving the banana peel on cut down the banana lengthwise but don't go through the other side. Open the cut you just made so there is room to stuff the goodies. Take a piece of tin foil that is big enough to cover your banana. Put your banana on the tin foil and put as much of the mini marshmallows and chocolate chips that you like or that you can fit inside the opening you made. When finished filling it, leave the banana standing up and bring the tinfoil up around it and make sure it is enclosed. You will bake these bananas at 400 degrees for about 8-9 minutes. You can either eat these right out of the peel or carefully remove them from the peel and put them on a plate. Yum!!

*This is also a great campfire snack, you would make them the same way but your cooking time may not be as long.

Source: Barbara Smith

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