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Monday, December 26, 2011

Dried Beef & Pickle Dip

Submitted by Lisa
I am sure many of you have made a version of this dip.  
We just love it.  
Great one to have for the holiday season!


1 block cream cheese
1 large container of the whipped cream cheese
1 jar dried beef
dill pickles...about 10 small to medium
pickle juice

1.  cream the cream cheeses together adding pickle juice to loosen it as needed.
2.  chop the dried beef into small pieces
3.  chop the pickles into small pieces
4.  Stir everything together and chill.  
Serve with crackers

***My husbands variation:  he likes to make this with out the dried beef, and he adds chopped jalapeno's and shredded cheese***

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